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Concussion evaluation

Our chiropractors are trained to work with your GP or Sports Physician to assist in evaluation of your spine post-concussion. We have access to the only TGA approved technology to determine if there is a risk of 2nd concussion syndrome.

Until now, the concussion testing has been ambiguous and difficult for practitioners and coach’s to determine when it was safe to return athletes to sport.

We also encourage all kids (over 10 yrs) and adults who play contact sport to have a baseline concussion study before concussion occurs, to avoid missing playing time.

Did you know?

  1. A mild head trauma can lead to a 3.7 times greater likelihood of ACL tears of the knee, and a 6 times greater risk of ankle sprains. 1.
  2. Studies show that kid’s school grades are affected post-concussion. Dr Danielle Ransom, a post doctoral fellow in neuropsychology stated that  ‘kids have more problems concentrating, keeping up and paying attention’ post concussion. 2.
  3. Studies show that 70% of NRL players played with symptoms of concussion, 40% of coaches did not know about the injury, and 33% of concussions occurred in training. 1.
  4. The following can predispose you to concussion and other injuries;
    • Poor body-brain awareness
    • Structural imbalances
    • Forward head carriage and uneven posture
    • Loss of flexibility
    • Insufficient strength
    • Prior joint injuries
    • Prior concussions

We run free classes and workshops showing you how to minimise your risk of concussion and other joint related injuries. We strongly advocate baseline testing before a concussion occurs, so that we have the ability to objectively determine if it is safe to return to sport.


1. American Journal of Sports Medicine 2014

2. Journal Paediatrics 2015.

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