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Mattresses and pillows

Do you sleep correctly?

Dr Matt (chiropractor) fits his daughter Thea for the correct pillow and mattress

Dr Matt (Chiropractor) fits his daughter Thea for the correct pillow and mattress

Drs Matt and Emma(chiropractors) have discovered that many people suffer from avoidable and unnecessary pain, simply because the bed and pillow they are sleeping on is of poor quality and does not provide the right spinal support.

Further, our team of chiropractors have found that referring patients to the local bedding retailer only provided the patient with inexperienced sales people focused on a product rather than the patient spinal issues. So we have taken a firsthand approach by prescribing the “Back to Sleep” range of mattresses and pillows, which have been designed by an Australian chiropractor, Dr George Skandalellis. These mattresses and pillows are exclusive to chiropractors and health care professionals.

1/3rd of your life is spent in bed, so it is crucial to have the perfect pillow and mattress. The chiropractors conduct a free ‘sleep consult’ for each patient where you will be taught how to sleep with the pillow, mattress and posture that is perfect for your spine.

If you answer yes to any of the following, you should phone for an appointment for a free sleep consultation today.

  1. Do you wake up sore?
  2. Do you wake up tired?
  3. Is your mattress over 5-7 years old?
  4. Is your pillow over 2 years old?
  5. Do you sleep on your stomach?
  6. Do you suffer from allergies (asthma, sinus problems etc)?

For further information on the back to sleep range on mattresses and pillows please click on the link hllp.com.au or call our office to set up a consult.

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