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Neuroimpulse Protocol Chiropractic Treatment

Neuroimpulse ProtocolWhat to Expect!

Our clinic is known in Toowoomba as the centre for children and pregnancy chiropractic care. Consequently, the techniques we use are extremely gentle because they are designed to be used on newborn babies and mothers to be. Dr Matt and Dr Emma (Chiropractors) all use a form of full body assessment referred to as the Neuroimpulse Protocol.

This technique was developed by Dr Neil Davies (Chiropractor), an Australian Chiropractic teacher and researcher. NIP is very specific, and is based on very gentle touch and light thrusting. NIP allows your nervous system to integrate the sensory input from the thrust and process it throughout the brain and spinal cord.

What is NIP?

Neuroimpulse ProtocolNIP is referred to a tonal technique because the intent is to normalize the natural tone held within the nervous system, so that the body can function at its best. Imagine that your nervous system has a volume control. If the volume is turned up too high, then distortion can occur. If the volume is turned too low, then the signals may not be heard. Both situations may result inappropriate nervous system responses. These distorted functions of the nervous system can manifest as a range of health problems, including musculoskeletal dysfunction with pain, internal organ dysfunction, diminished immune function and altered cognitive function. The aim of NIP is to set the volume control to precisely what each individual nervous system requires to function at its best. Our highly trained Neuroimpulse ProtocolNIP practitioners will thoroughly assess each nervous system and make the necessary input so that distortion is removed. Every nervous system is unique, so every treatment is unique as well, being tailor made for that individual.

Will I hear a cracking noise when I am treated?

Absolutely not. NIP is extremely low force and you will not feel any cracking or popping that occurs in manipulation style chiropractic care. Children love NIP.

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