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Chiropractic Care

For more than a century, chiropractic has been helping people of all ages with a variety of health conditions. Perhaps best of all, this form of natural healthcare doesn’t require drugs or surgery.

Meet Our Highly Trained Chiropractors

Both Dr Emma and Dr Matthew have additional qualifications to get you well and keep you well. Dr Matthew is the only chiropractor in Toowoomba and one of a handful of chiropractors in Queensland with a Master of Science in Chiropractic Paediatrics. He earned the degree from the University Of Wales in The UK in 2014. He is well trained to recognise common paediatric conditions and when to refer to a paediatrician.

Care for kids and mothers-to-be

Our clinic is well known in our town as the centre for paediatric and pregnancy chiropractic care. The techniques we use are extremely gentle because they are designed to be used on newborns and mums-to-be.

Dr Matthew is also a Certified Chiropractic Wellness and Lifestyle Practitioner (CCWP), as recognised by the International Chiropractic Association.

This credential qualifies him to provide up-to-date, evidence-based advice to you and your family on ergonomics, nutrition, exercise, and stress management. If you are overweight, sit all day at a computer or device, sleep on the incorrect pillow, don’t exercise correctly, eat inflammatory foods, and carry stress in your muscles, then wellness coaching may benefit you.

This report outlines your spinal health score, the lifestyle causes of your spinal health score, how they affect your overall function, and how we can assist with the following:

  • balance
  • spine/knee/hip/ankle/shoulder range of motion
  • grip strength

  • core strength
  • spinal subluxation area and severity

These reports are highly detailed and allow you to make an informed choice regarding your spinal and peripheral health.

Dr Matt and Dr Emma (Chiropractors) both use a type of full-body assessment known as the Neuroimpulse Protocol.

Dr Neil Davies (Chiropractor), an Australian Chiropractic teacher and researcher, developed the technique. Highly specific, NIP is based on gentle touch and light thrusting. NIP allows your nervous system to integrate the sensory input from the thrust and process it throughout the brain and spinal cord.

What Is NIP?

Neuroimpulse Protocol (NIP) is considered a tonal technique because it’s intended to normalise the natural tone held within the nervous system so that the body can function at its peak.

Think of your nervous system as having a volume control. If the volume is turned up too high, then distortion can occur. If the volume is turned too low, then the signals may not be heard. Both scenarios may result in inappropriate nervous system responses. These distorted functions of the nervous system can produce a range of health problems, including musculoskeletal dysfunction with pain.

The objective of NIP is to set the volume control to precisely what each nervous system requires to function at its best.

Our highly trained NIP chiropractors will thoroughly evaluate the nervous system and make the necessary input so that distortion is removed.

Every nervous system is unique, so each treatment is tailor-made for that individual.

Will I hear a cracking noise during the adjustment?

No! NIP uses low force and you will not feel any cracking or popping that occurs in manipulation-style chiropractic care. Children, in particular, love NIP because it’s so gentle.

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