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Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching

Dr Matthew consult with patientWould you like to take your health to a new level? Maybe you want to make healthy changes, but you aren’t sure where to start. At Toowoomba Clinic For Spine Related Disorders, we want to help get you on the path to wellness! That’s why we are pleased to offer patients wellness & lifestyle coaching.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

The HRA details your lifestyle choices and how they relate to your chances of developing chronic disease.

Consider the following:

  • Is your diet inflammatory or promoting obesity?
  • Do you forgo exercising regularly?
  • Does your job require you to sit in an office all day?

Factors such as these may be the source of your knee pain or low back pain. The HRA looks closely at your lifestyle choices that may be causing your musculoskeletal symptoms.

We then can coach you on how to improve these causative factors, by offering a 90- day wellness programme with an easy-to-implement daily exercise routine, a healthy eating plan including recipes, and stress management techniques.

We offer the Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well™ 90-Day Lifestyle Plan, which is based on the causal relationship among lifestyle choices, gene expression, and health. Written on your genes is a blueprint or recipe that lists all the types and amounts of nutrients, physical activity, and thoughts and attitudes that you require to genetically express your potential for physical and emotional health.

Express your inborn potential for health

The natural laws governing chronic health and illness are quite simple. If your lifestyle choices include the types and amounts of nutrients, physical activity, thoughts and attitudes that equal the list of requirements on the human genome, you will genetically express your remarkable inborn potential for health, happiness, vitality and longevity. To the degree that they don’t, you will genetically express sickness, unhappiness, fatigue, and a shortened lifespan.

We chose to offer the Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well™ 90-Day Lifestyle Plan as it’s groundbreaking and highly effective. It is the first programme ever that’s matched to the human genome-determined lifestyle choice requirements for the genetic expression of health and the prevention of illness.

The plan combines all facets of lifestyle into one complete programme that teaches you about what you need to do, and how to cultivate the self-control required to stick to the plan consistently.

  1. Includes two (pre and post) comprehensive Health Risk Assessments that indicate both your health status and health risk at the time of entry and the level of improvement achieved.
  2. Is individualised to your current state of fitness and readiness and your food preferences.
  3. Is entirely comprehensive and easy to follow—every meal (including recipes), every physical fitness activity, and every emotional fitness activity are planned out for you.

This programme features the following:

  • Comprehensive before and after Health Risk Assessment
  • Online convenience with educational workshops and resources
  • No equipment required
  • Personalised meal preferences
  • Physical activities individualised to fitness level
  • Daily motivational emails to keep you on course

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For more information, and to achieve your potential for a better and longer life, please ask your practitioner.


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